Lunar Field Atlas

In my opinion Rukl's Atlas of the Moon is the best atlas available, if you can find a copy. I own both editions, but since they are hardback and do not lay flat, they're not comfortable to use in the field. I also have a hard time reading the names. I decided to make my own.

The Image I used is a Mosaic consisting of 96 images (or parts thereof) from the Consolidated Lunar Atlas hand stitched together.
The Final Image is a 43.5" x 43.5" 16bit 300dpi.tif file. It's also over 3GB in size.

The Atlas itself consists of 38 charts each accompanied by a info page listing the data (diameter and heigth/depth) of the listed features, along with a 8 page Index to help find named features quickly. I decided to go with a vertical numbering system since that seems more appropriate to me for viewing the terminator on the moon. Selenographic latitude and longitude lines are spaced 10 degrees apart and are labeled. Adjoining charts are also labeled. In total there are 2244 objects labeled on the info pages. Now with the addition of the 4th orientation view of the moon, there is a version for any type of telescope anywhere in the world.

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The complete atlas is a 90 page 154mb PDF file which can be printed with adobe reader.
Erect Image, Mirror Image, Inverted Mirror Image, and Inverted Image versions available

Click on the cover to see a sample page.

Right click PDF file name and "save target as"

Sample Page Sample Page Sample Page Sample Page

LFA EI v2.01.pdf

LFA MI v2.01.pdf

LFA IMI v2.01.pdf

LFA II v2.01.pdf

Lunar Field Atlas EI/MI/IMI/II Interactive

The Lunar Field Atlas Interactive takes the atlas one step further using image maps and hyperlinks. It is designed to be burned on a CD disc, and can either be used straight off the disc or installed on your computer. If installed it only copies the files into the program files folder, puts a shortcut on the desktop, and adds a uninstall listing to "add remove programs." Pages will open in your web browser. Alternately it can simply be run straight from the zip file after unzipping. Just open the folder and double click on the autorun.exe file.

Erect Image, Mirror Image, Inverted Mirror Image and Inverted Image versions available. Every map is accessible from the Main map key and from each of the smaller map keys on each chart. Each chart also has a link on the bottom of the page to that charts Info Page and to the Index. In the index all the chart numbers are also linked to the appropriate page. Also included in the program is a 36" x 36" copy of the mosaic image used to create the Atlas.

With this new version of the LFA it's really simple and quick to access whatever information you require.

Click on the appropriate link below to download the 54mb .iso or .zip version file.

Main Menu Main Menu Main Menu Main Menu

LFA EI v2.01.iso

LFA MI v2.01.iso

LFA IMI v2.01.iso

LFA II v2.01.iso

Below is a "web-friendly" version of the main image that you can download. It's 26" x 26" 8bit 72dpi and only 1.78mb.
To download right click and "save target as"