Robb Chapman created a Night Vision version of the Herschel 400 Atlas. To see/download click the H400 Atlas tab above. was created as a extension of the goodwill shared between most of the amateur astronomers I have met since becoming involved in the hobby. The heart of the site are the booklets which I created over the years working on the Astronomical League Observing Programs. The Atlases and Finder Charts are my attempt to provide resources that I felt would be helpful for other amateur observers.

In each Booklet and Logbook there are pages to record your equipment, list the observing sites you use and a place to give each of those entries an abbreviation. There is also a copy of J. L. E. Dreyer's Astronomical Abbreviations. Using all these abbreviations will allow you to pack a lot of information into your logs in a small amount of space and time. Download a copy of Dreyer's Abbreviations from the Reference page and take it out in the field with you until you're comfortable with using them.

The Hershel 400 Atlas consists of 73 charts, covering the area from +90 degrees to -48 degrees. The Lunar Field Atlas consists of 38 charts with info pages and is available in Erect, Mirrored, Inverted Mirrored, and Inverted Versions. It is useable with any type telescope anywhere in the world. To learn more about the Lunar Field Atlas or the Herschel 400 Atlas click on that tab above.

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