Finder Charts

Finder Charts with Stars to 10th Magnitude.
Seasonal Charts are divided by the Solstice/Equinox
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Charts created with Astroplanner 2.0 by Paul Rodman using a modified script by Michael Portuesi
Used with Permission

Sample Page

Sample Chart.pdf 1.5mb
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Messier Objects

Messier Charts.pdf 110mb

Caldwell Objects

Caldwell Charts.pdf 118mb

Herschel 400

Herschel 400 102mb

Herschel 400 169mb

Herschel 400 84mb

Herschel 400 75mb

Herschel 400 430mb

Globular Clusters

Globular Cluster to 14th Mag Winter.pdf 12mb

Globular Cluster to 14th Mag Spring.pdf 60mb

Globular Cluster to 14th Mag Summer.pdf 55mb

Globular Cluster to 14th Mag Fall.pdf 10mb

Globular Cluster to 14th Mag 129mb

Herschel 400 II

Herschel 400 II 64mb

Herschel 400 II 135mb

Herschel 400 II 35mb

Herschel 400 II 61mb

Herschel 400 II 294mb

Planetary Nebula

114 Planetary Nebula Winter.pdf 19mb

114 Planetary Nebula Spring.pdf 14mb

114 Planetary Nebula Summer.pdf 56mb

114 Planetary Nebula Fall.pdf 16mb

114 Planetary Nebula 98mb

Local Group

Local Group by RA 00hr-07hr.pdf 29mb

Local Group by RA 08hr-11hr.pdf 33mb

Local Group by RA 12hr.pdf 42mb

Local Group by RA 13hr-21hr.pdf 19mb

Local Group by RA 114mb